We wouldn’t have been able to produce ClientBooks without Finicity’s products and services. 1-800Accountant was born out of a desire to help the small business owner at the point when they form their business or even a little bit before. We take care of all the back-office tasks like bookkeeping and taxes. If the business has employees, we do payroll.

  • One consultation could save your business thousands.
  • The 2015 IRS tax-filing season is right around the corner.
  • I am just very appreciative of everything, that Miss Jameson, and Jose, my tax advisor have helped me through.
  • I have a great team, my tax advisor Vonne is always available to answer my questions and guide me through my financial decisions.
  • This is been a positive experience from day I.
  • Invest in real estate and never run out of money!

We that we have the most accurate, up-to-date picture of our client’s business, and then extrapolate from that to draw up recommendations. The most helpful bookkeeping services take all of the relevant data and translate it into meaningful guidance for clients. It’s a challenge, but it means there’s a tremendous amount of upside to the company. We’ve got a great team bolstered by a seamless, automated, secure product. And by tapping into the potential of automation and tech, our people can focus on providing our customers that human touch.

My Accountant Eileen Bowen-Keogh!

This app may require access to phone location in order to track trips. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences. Hello Mike, We regularly review our processes to ensure we’re delivering a superior customer experience and would like to investigate your complaint. Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with the service I have gotten from my team at 800Accountant. Specifically, my bookkeeper Ivana V (you don’t get last names) has created order out of my quickbooks chaos, and my tax advisor Abby H has been great at advising me on tax matters.

With our clients’ needs in mind, we recently rolled out a product called ClientBooks. It’s an offshoot from 1-800Accountant, more of a self-service model with 1-800Accountant’s support.

Missing: 1-800 Accountant’s Product Demo & Case Studies

Pricing is a bit high & 1800accountant could be more user friendly, that being said I had not issues using the software program. It is user friendly but for me some things could be made more mainstream. Enlyft provides you with access to our real-time data platform where you can access insights into a company’s tech stack, firmographic data, and more. We help our customers focus on what matters most to them and Finicity does the same for us. We needed a solution that would allow customers to interact with us directly, so we built that tool and developed it to the point where it could be customer-facing. Spinning that off helps us expand our market footprint, and there’s some added value in that it natively integrates with our portal.

I feel very confident that I made a great decision in having 1800Accountant handle all my accounting needs and I plan on using their services next year as well. Our business paid for accounting services through 1800 Accountant. After multiple mistakes had been made on our taxes, affecting our business and personal returns, both business and personal needed to be amended.

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